Eating Healthy Foods – Food With Low Calories

If you are eating mainly food with high calories and not burning them off, you will put on weight. If you continue to do this, you will keep putting on weight and you will put your health at risk. You can help avoid this by making sure your diet consists of mainly food with low calories. You can reduce your calorie intake by eating less but this can leave you feeling hungry, which is self-defeating. Low-calorie food generally satisfies your huger and keeps you going longer.

Our body needs calories

Our body does need a certain number of calories just to keep working. For men this is somewhere between 2000 and 2400 a day and for women from 1600 to 2000, depending on their ages. Even though most of us have more than we need it is important not to cut calorie intake right down.. Some diets can be dangerous unless they are done under supervision. We are not talking about doing that. We are talking about making sure you include more food with low calories into your diet.

If you are physically very active, you need more calories than the average person, because you will burn them off. That’s why you will often see people who are physically active continually snacking or grazing. They are looking to replace that energy. Because they are so active they not only need the extra energy but they avoid becoming overweight because they burn off any excess calories

Be aware of foods high in calories

You do not need to become a calories counter but you do need to be aware of the foods that are high in calories. These are usually the unhealthy foods. They are the foods that most overweight people have been eating – and that is why they are overweight. Foods with high sugar content have a lot of calories – popular breakfast cereals, sodas, and soft drinks. There are other obvious ones such as chocolate, candy bars, cakes and cookies. Sometimes they are hard to resist but they do have high calories..

Health professionals tell us we should be eating smaller quantities several times a day rather than having large meals several hours apart. The food they recommend is generally low-fat and low-sugar, which means low-calorie. This sustains our energy, keeps our blood sugar more even and helps control our weight.

We do need to think about what we are putting into our bodies. Health authorities are constantly warning us of the dangers of becoming overweight. They tell us obesity is on the increase and has become one of the big health problems. These days there is a tendency to eat high calorie food because it has become part of our modern diet and we do need to be aware of this. If we want to be healthy, which means controlling our weight, we should know the difference between food with low calories and food with high calories.